Founded in 2012, York Clinical Cardiology is a community based practice in Vaughan, Ontario. 

We  offer expert care in general cardiology, atherosclerotic heart disease, heart failure, valvular heart  disease, electrophysiology, and cardiac imaging.  We are committed to providing the very best in personal and individualised care to our patients while incorporating the very latest technology and innovation.  We offer a full array of on-site non-invasive cardiac testing including electrocardiography, exercise stress testing, echocardiography, stress echocardiography, Holter, event loop monitoring, and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Our physicians arrange for and personally perform nuclear imaging and vascular ultrasound offsite in a way that best enables continuity and integration of care.   

Our goal is to provide our patients with advanced, comprehensive and  empathetic cardiac care. We strive to support and work along with referring family physicians to ensure coordinated cardiac treatment to  facilitate the best care for our patients.  We offer urgent consultation.